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Playshrimp Mansion
2021 l Mixed Media

Most of the shrimp consumed in Europe are produced with the help of eyestalk ablation – a method dicovered in the 70s through which female shrimp are driven to immediately reproduce after one of their eyes get cut off. Considered animal cruelty by EU law, eyestalk ablation has recently been criticized for making the one-eyed mother's offspring more prone to disease. This encourages farmers to use more antibiotics in open waters, destroying its surrounding ecosystems such as mangrove forests.


Can shrimp fall in love? Consulting shrimp farmers, philosophers and animal rights activists, Shrimp Love explores if shrimp production could function without this cruelty. The project navigates between anthropomorphism and scientific grey areas, whilst shedding a light on the pragmatic needs of the global food safety and the protein transition.


Speculative sextoys for shrimp form an aquatic playshrimp mansion environment in an installative setting. After testing the objects on shrimp failed, the empty aquarium symbolically represents miscommunication between two species.

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